Mind & Body

A simple, sensible and effective approach to a healthy mind and body

About Mind & Body

The Mind & Body app aims to promote a healthy lifestyle with the help of a schedule.

Your schedule can include: workout, yoga, meditation, endurance and flexibility, and enables variation through choice (see below).

The app provides help where needed but encourages independence where possible.


Follow a wide variety of gym and bodyweight workouts of different lengths, aims and difficulties.

Warm-up and stretching is available for all sessions.

HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio sessions and HIIT bodyweight workouts are also included.


Enjoy yoga with nicely flowing practices for all levels and occasions.

Use 'Automatic Yoga', setting your average breath length and choosing transition bell in order to follow the practice without touching your phone.


Use an intuitive meditation timer and be guided by detailed written explanations that promote independence.


Achieve your goals through a weekly schedule.

Have a schedule for every occasion and get help creating them.

Keep variety in your schedule by choosing how to work towards each goal each week.


Keep motivated through simple tracking: see what you've achieved as a percentage of what you planned.